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Kühne Wicki is lead by Martina Kühne and Senem Wicki, both with profound and international expertise in Future Research, Innovation and Organizational Transformation.


So you are curious what kühne wicki is all about. Well, we are an interdisciplinary office with strong expertise in futures research, futures development and futures implementation – dedicated to stuff that makes the future more accessible and tangible. 

Picture Martina Kühne
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Martina Kühne

Martina is the kühne in kühne wicki. She has a PhD in Economics – and yet an interest in humanity. As a futures researcher and foresight consultant for well-known think tanks, she realized that many people and organizations want to innovate – but only a few actually dare to change. That's what makes her think, write and talk about human needs and social change in a digital age. She has authored numerous future studies and is a well-respected lecturer.



Picture Senem Wicki
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Senem Wicki

Senem is the wicki in kühne wicki. She trained as a Kaospilot in Denmark and a futures researcher in Zurich. She has spent many years working as an innovation expert for cities, corporations and think tanks, designing transformative processes and helping organizations refocus in an ever-changing context. Her forward-thinking and entrepreneurial skills are highly regarded on boards, in committees and at conferences.