Copy of Future Stuff

Kühne Wicki is an interdisciplinary office, based in Zurich, Switzerland offering Futures Research, Futures Development and Futures Implementation.


Future Stuff comes in many shapes. Our work is typically delivered in the form of analysis & papers, scenarios & stories, lectures & presentations, prototypes & pilots, speculative objects & spaces, workshops & exhibitions. While its form may vary, future stuff is always the tangible outcome of one of the following steps.


Futures Research

Exploring potential futures. We identify social and economic trends, analyze technological developments with a balanced human view and provide a better understanding of how future scenarios may affect you, your organization and your environment. Basically, we make sense of today to get a fresh perspective on tomorrow.



Futures Development

Designing desired futures. The future is not predetermined – it’s created by humans and organizations. So what kind of future do you want? Based on future-facing insights, we help you address and solve strategic challenges by offering a deeper understanding of how your organization can realign its best interests with the future.



Futures Implementation

Testing the future. We bring ideas to life – in a small-scale, low-stakes way. Therefore, we develop prototypes and processes that can be handled and understood. The notion of actually experiencing the future instead of just talking about it is a powerful way to engage people, overcome resistance and learn as an organization.



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What kind of future stuff are you interested in? Our projects are developed on a bespoke basis and address specific client challenges and needs. We are happy to elaborate further. Contact us at kühne wicki, Weststrasse 62, 8003 Zurich or